Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Wonderful Life Is Like a Bowl of Cherries

This past weekend on Christmas Eve, NBC aired ''It's a Wonderful Life.'' Yet again. That's twice this year, and 21 times since 1994. Did you know that you could've watched the flick on NBC on Christmas Eve or Christmas Night every year since 1998?

Since the movie is so popular, I'd bet that it's often memorialized in ep titles. Let's check, shall we?
  • It's a Blunderfull Life (''Charles in Charge'')
  • It's a Bundyful Life (''Married…with Children,'' 12/17/1989)
  • It's a Generic Life (''Bobbys World,'' 10/11/1997)
  • It's a Good Life (''The Twilight Zone,'' 11/3/1961)
  • It's a Gorgeous Life (''Tattoed Teenage Alien Fighter from Beverly Hills,'' 7/3/1995)
  • It's a Helluva Life (''Brimstone,'' 2/5/1999)
  • It's a Magical Life (''Johnny Bravo,'' 7/23/2004)
  • It's a Marginal Life (''Blossom,'' 12/16/1991)
  • It's a Miserable Life (''The Golden Girls,'' 11/1/1986)
  • It's a Miserable Life (''Freddy's Nightmare: The Series,'' 10/16/1988)
  • It's a Miserable Life (''One on One,'' 12/16/2003)
  • It's a Smurfy Life (''Smurfs,'' 10/8/1988)
  • It's a Spootiful Life (''Angry Beavers,'' 9/23/2000)
  • It's a Totally Happening Life (''Beverly Hills, 90210,'' 12/16/1992)
  • It's a Totally Wonderful Life (''Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures,'' 7/12/1992)
  • It's a Wishful Life (''The Fairly OddParents,'' 5/10/2005)

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