Sunday, August 21, 2005

Four camera phones see more than two cameramen

Can you believe the nerve of local TV news? They use tip hotlines for viewers to develop potential story leads for them. They use audio reports from eyewitnesses until the news van arrives. Why even have reporters?

It's only going to get worse. As camera phone quality improves and cities become unwired, these eyewitnesses will be pup reporters. Streaming video with superimposed audio. Networks will rely on sheer numbers since somebody at the scene is likely to have enough camera presence.

I wouldn't be surprised if network newcasts negotiate exclusive deals with service providers. If you call with a story, you'll automatically be sent to one network even though you've never seen that news team.

This item (and headline) was a Commercial Break in the book for "Studio 5B," but I recently read this story in Broadcasting & Cable about everybody being a reporter. Since my item doesn't seem as original anymore--except the part about exclusive agreements with service providers, I removed the Break from the book and included it here, verbatim.

All is not lost. At least you get a better example of the content, tone and length of the ~100 Commercial Breaks that you'll read in the book. And remember. All headlines play off some saying or proverb.

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