Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Piquing Game Hangs Around Long

When someone asks you to name gameshows, you probably go straight to the classics. You might start your list with ''Jeopardy,'' ''Wheel'' or ''Pyramid.'' Not ''Distraction.''

These classic gameshows are ripe material for ep titles since everybody knows them. Whether you saw them or not. Whether you know the rules or not. You've heard of them. They live on as pop culture icons.

Which series have ep titles that put a twist on the names of classic gameshows? Keep reading to find out.
  • ''Family Feud''
    • Addams Family Feud (''The New Addams Family,'' 7/10/1999)
    • All in the Family Feud (''The Wayans Brothers,'' 1/14/1998)
    • A Fine Family Feud (''The Nanny,'' 10/2/1995)
    • Foxworthy Family Feud (''The Jeff Foxworthy Show,'' 12/16/1995)
    • Pet Feud (''The Powerpuff Girls,'' 2/13/2000)
  • ''Let's Make a Deal''
    • Let's Quake a Deal (''Charles in Charge'')
  • ''The Price Is Right''
    • The Price Is Height (''The Apprentice,'' 4/1/2004)
    • The Price Is Wrong (''The Cosby Show,'' 1/9/1992)
    • The Spice Is Right (''Aladdin,'' 10/22/1994)
  • ''To Tell the Truth''
    • To Tell the Tooth (''Kissyfur,'' 9/27/1986)
    ''Truth or Consquences''
    • Tooth or Consequences (''Married…with Children,'' 10/1/1989)
    • Tooth or Consequences (''Perfect Strangers,'' 10/13/1989)
    • Tooth or Consequences (''True Colors,'' 10/28/1990)
    • Tooth or Consequences (''Roseanne,'' 5/11/1993)
    • Tooth or Consequences (''Johnny Bravo,'' 11/12/1999)
    • Truce or Consequences (''Cheers,'' 11/18/1982)
    • Twins or Consequences (''Sister, Sister,'' 12/13/1998)
    • Youth or Consequences (''Bionic Six,'' 6/7/1987)
  • ''Wheel of Fortune''
    • The Wheel of Misfortune (''227,'' 10/4/1986)

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