Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Killing Two Pop Refs with One Title

Take a look at tonight's TV schedule. You can watch the ''Still Beauty and the Geek'' episode of ''Still Standing'' on CBS.

I love ep titles like this. A pop culture reference about something that originally paid homage to a classic. Two degrees of separation. Two cultural refs for the price of one.

TV writers love classic stories, and Beauty and the Beast is no exception. More than 60 TV ep titles allude to B&tB. Here's a sample of some of the more clever ones:

  • Beauty and the Beasty Boy (''Suddenly Susan,'' 11/14/1996)
  • Beauty and the Beef (''Benson,'' 2/3/1984)
  • Beauty and the Bleats (''Sheep in the Big City,'' 3/10/2002)
  • Beauty and the Brass (''Private Benjamin,'' 2/15/1982)
  • Beauty and the Breast (''L.A. Law,'' 5/7/1992)
  • Beauty and the Least (''The New Phil Silvers Show,'' 1/11/1964)
  • Beauty and the Obese (''Stripperella,'' 6/26/2003 & 10/2/2003)
  • Beauty and the Pest (''Newhart,'' 1/15/1990)
  • Beauty and the Screech (''Saved by the Bell,'' 10/21/1989)
  • Booty and the Beast (''Donkey Kong Country,'' 9/13/1998)
  • Cutie and the Beast (''Animaniacs,'' 9/7/1996)
  • Judy and the Beast (''Dream On,'' 7/20/1994)
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