Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Eye Is the Rewind of the Soul

Let's stay with the theme of show summaries for one more post.

CBS Broadcasting is developing CBS Rewind, which will provide "video clips and summaries of television programming rendered through the media of television, cable, satellite, telephone and broadband systems, and via the internet, portable and wireless communication devices." (Source: USPTO Trademark filing; Serial Number 77019786; Filing Date October 12, 2006)

Just like everybody else, CBS Broadcasting did not respond to my inquiry for additional information. Good thing I don't get a complex over these things, but I do wish I was more connected.

Anyways...CBS has a choice on how they want to unveil CBS Rewind.

The Eye could add Rewind as a main menu option on innertube. Right now the menu includes "Full Episodes" and "Previews: Coming up on CBS." "CBS Rewind" would be a natural fit.

Or CBS could use its online entertainment mag, ShowBuzz, to play video clips and reach a wider audience.

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