Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Vote Is Mightier Than the Remote

Vote by remote.

The whole concept of voting by remote is not a new idea. Just take a look at this excerpt from a November 7, 1988 article in the San Jose Mercury News
Bob Armstrong, the founder of a television addicts' society known as Couch Potatoes, is a man of vision. He dreams of a day when "the descriptions of different propositions will be condensed to the size of TV Guide listings, and you'll lie on the couch at home and vote by remote control."

We all had such idealistic views about voting at that time. But that was before hanging chads, touch screen mishaps, and deceiving ballot layouts. Now we know better.

Can you imagine using your remote to vote for President anymore? I can't. Geez, you couldn't even vote for Carrie Underwood using your remote. If AI doesn't trust remotes, nobody should. And AI isn't exactly known for running error-free elections after the whole Clay/Ruben debacle

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