Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Endless Justifies the Means

Endless Love. Twenty-five years ago this Diana Ross & Lionel Richie song topped Billboard's Hot 100 Singles. It stayed on top of the charts for what seemed like an Endless Time — nine long, consecutive weeks!

The Endless Summer. This classic surfing movie was released 40 years ago. I'm hoping for Endless Sequels since I thoroughly enjoyed all three movies despite the fact I'm not water safe. Maybe I enjoyed them because I'm not water safe?

I don't expect too many TV writers to pay homage to the Ross-Richie song through ep titles. Maybe the surf flick, but not the R&R song. Though I did wonder if TV writers thought anything else might be endless. Here's a sample:
  • Bendless Love (''Futurama,'' 2/11/2001)
  • Endless Bummer (''L.A. Doctors,'' 12/14/1998)
  • Endless Desert (''The Chisholms,'' 2/2/1980)
  • Endless Gig (''Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig'')
  • Endless Mission (''Trauma: Life in the E.R.'')
  • Endless Migration (''World of Survival'')
  • The Endless Moment (''Marcus Welby, M.D.,'' 10/30/1973)
  • Endless Slumper (''Cheers,'' 12/2/1982)
  • Endless War (''World of Survival'')

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