Monday, August 01, 2005

Idleness Is the Mother of All Remotes

Did you ever think about the future of TV remotes?

One day your remote might simply be your cell phone. Imagine this. Your subscription is tied to your mobile phone number. All you need to do is program your TV for your cell phone number and then click away.

Don't be leary. Now your subscription is very portable. Of course, you'll get programs streamed to your phone. But more importantly, you can go to Adam's house and program your mobile number on his TV. Even though he doesn't subscribe to HBO, you can still watch the 6th season opener of "The Sopranos."

Why should you miss TV history just because you have cheap friends? And why should your subscription remain idle when you're not home?

(This short blurb with headline is an example of one type of "Commercial Break" in the forthcoming book. I wrote this "Commercial Break" for "The Colin Quinn Show." I don't classify his series as a TV Shorty and none of this text will appear in the book, but I want you to sample this section. What's the connection between remotes and "The Colin Quinn Show"? Colin Quinn was the announcer and sidekick on MTV's "Remote Control." And the hidden triva? I reference two sidekicks from "Remote Control" in the text.)

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