Friday, October 27, 2006

Frauditions Speak Louder Than Words

Do you recognize the name, Hunter Maats?

Don't feel bad. I didn't either.

Mr. Maats was one of the Rich Kids on "Survival of the Richest". If you live in LA, maybe you know him as one of the founders of Overqualified Tutoring.

And now he's apparently creating his own TV show, "Frauditions."

On October 15 he registered the domain name, On October 18 he filed docs with the USPTO to protect Frauditions for "production and distribution of television shows."

Just based on the name, I'm guessing it's going to be a partly scripted reality show like "Meet the Marks" or "SuperStar USA." Most of the cast knows about the joke, but the central character unknowingly plays the rube. I was hoping I could tell you more, but you can add Hunter to the list of people who ignore my e-mails when I request additional info about shows I find in the trademark database.

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