Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nothing Succeeds Like Successful Series

Last week I presented a list of series that most often finished #1 in the Nielsen Ratings in the last 22+ years. What about those shows that consistently scored well, but not necessarily at the very top of the charts? What if we looked at the top ten spots rather than just the #1 position?

Here is a list of TV series that finished in the top ten of the weekly Nielsen Ratings at least 200 times since January 1, 1983. (Note: That's household rating, not number of viewers.)
# Times Rated in Top TenSeries
780    ''60 Minutes''
362    ''Friends''
360    ''Cheers''
348    ''ER''
317    ''The Cosby Show''
312    ''Roseanne''
291    ''Home Improvement''
280    ''Seinfeld''
262    ''Murder, She Wrote''
227    ''Everybody Loves Raymond''
219    ''CSI: Crime Scene Investigation''
215    ''Golden Girls''
215    ''NFL Monday Night Football''
200    ''Law & Order''

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