Thursday, March 01, 2007


Wish I would've thought of the name, but somebody else is much more clever than I.

Randy Backes filed docs with the USPTO to protect Carmedian for a variety of uses, including a TV show. It doesn't seem like it'll get that far, but I'd love to see Comedy Central do a Reno 911-like show for an auto shop. I know SPEED already did "Texas Hardtails" two years ago. But come on. What does SPEED know about comedy?

4 comments: said...

My wife, Carmenia Wertz, came up with that name several years ago when she started doing stand-up comedy. She has trademark rights on the name, and has for a long time!

Anonymous said...

There is only 1 Carmedian!!!!!!!!!!
Carmenia Wertz, a Pueblo, Colorado native and stand-up comedian, has been using "Carmedian" as her stage name for more than 12 years. She has the trademark rights to use it exclusively.
Check out one of her shows next month in New York City and you'll see why there is only 1 Carmedian.

Ms.B said...

I've seen Carmedian's show! My only regret is that I was 8 months pregnant and laughed so hard that I went into premature labor. Hillarious!!!!!

Carey said...

I know Randy Backes. His back is hairy and his jokes are funny.