Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's Easier To Get Forgiveness; Permission Impossible


OK. So I'm early. M:i:III doesn't open until May 5, but I thought I'd chime in before the hype kicks into overdrive next week.

Sure people loved the original TV series that preemed in September 1966, but who woulda' thunk that the "M:I" feature film would take the world by storm when it hit the big screen ten years ago? Just take a look at TV ep titles that pay homage to "M:I." A few eps while the original skein aired. A few more eps between the '66 and '88 "M:I" TV series. And just a few more eps between the second TV show and the first theatrical film.

Five seconds later? It exploded. Look for yourself.
  • Mission Improbable (''That Girl,'' 9/18/1969)
  • Mission: Improbable (''The Debbie Reynolds Show,'' 2/10/1970)
  • Mission: Incredible (''The Jeffersons,'' 10/2/1983)
  • Mission: McCall (''The Equalizer,'' 10/28/1987)
  • Mission: Improbable (''Davis Rules,'' 4/2/1991)
  • Submission: Impossible (''All-American Girl,'' 9/21/1994)
  • Mission: Imp Possible (''Aladdin,'' 11/3/1994)
  • Mission: Freakazoid (''Freakazoid!,'' 9/28/1996)
  • Mission: Interpersonal (''Melrose Place,'' 11/11/1996)
  • Mission Im-paws-ible (''All Dogs Go to Heaven,'' 11/23/1996)
  • Mission Improbable (''High Tide,'' 11/25/1996)
  • Mission ImPearlsible (''Pearl,'' 1/29/1997)
  • Emission Impossible (''NYPD Blue,'' 5/6/1997)
  • Mission Implausible (''Extreme Dinosaurs,'' 9/11/1997)
  • Mission: Incredible (''The Incredible Hulk,'' 11/23/1997)
  • Mission: and A-Hopin' (''Fired Up,'' 1/26/1998)
  • Emission Impossible (''Family Guy,'' 11/8/2001)
  • Mission Im-posse-ble (''Off Centre,'' 2/17/2002)
  • Mission: Implausible (''Dharma & Greg,'' 4/2/2002)
  • Mission Ed-Possible (''Ed, Edd 'n Eddy'')
  • Mission: Stupid (''I Am Weasel'')
  • Mission: Poachable (''Good Eats'')
  • Mission: Irresponsible (''The X's,'' 11/25/2005)

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