Thursday, March 22, 2007

Voiky Toiky

First thing I thought of was Pip saying "lunchy munchy" in "South Park." Not sure why. Maybe it was the first rhyming and somewhat nonsensical phrase that popped into my head.

But Voiky Toiky has absolutely nothing to do with "South Park." That is, unless Qualcomm starts streaming eps from "South Park."



Qualcomm filed documents on March 14, 2007 with the US Patent & Trademark Office to protect the phrase Voiky Toiky. For what? Well, pretty much everything, including "television broadcasting services" and "transmission and broadcast of audio and video programming."

I sent an email to Qualcomm asking for additional information, but I recevied no reply. (Maybe because I mistakently typed Voiky Troiky instead of Voiky Toiky in my e-mail. Not once, but twice.)

Just a note for domain squatters: is still available.

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