Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ep Title, Inc.

As I'm adding and verifying links for my next update for the Ep Vid Finder (and it's a big one by the way), I came across an ep with Destruction, Inc. for its title. I've seen this same ep so many times before since it's from the 1941 animated version of "Superman" at in2tv, but it never really caught my eye.

After many failed attempts to find a topic that was historically relevant — the anniversary of some event — and with enough interesting ep titles, I decided to run with Destruction, Inc.. I looked for other ep titles that ended with Inc. or Incorporated.

I found a ton of eps that simply referred to a character in the show. There's Cher, Inc. from "Clueless" and Jed, Inc. from "The Beverly Hillbillies" and, of course, Ralph Kramden, Inc. from "The Honeymooners." And many, many more. Those seemed too obvious; so I removed them.

Then there are a ton of documentaries, too. "Frontline" had Pentagon, Incorporated. "Made in America" has "Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc." I eliminated them also. Definitely too common for this list.

And here's the list of companies that remained in the business directory.
  • Assassins, Inc. (''Bugs,'' 4/8/1995)
  • Cannonball, Inc. (''Petticoat Junction,'' 10/18/1966)
  • Crime, Inc. (''Startime,'' 1/19/1960)
  • Death, Inc. (''Penn & Teller: Bullshit!,'' 8/5/2004)
  • Destruction, Inc. (''Superman,'' 12/25/1942)
  • Disappearing, Inc. (''Snooper and Blabber,'' )
  • Fear, Inc. (''Big Town,'' 9/17/1953)
  • Gossip, Incorporated (''My Three Sons,'' 3/16/1968)
  • Immortality, Inc. (''Out of the Unknown'')
  • Inspiration, Incorporated (''Everyman,'' 4/10/1977)
  • Kicks, Incorporated (''The Mod Squad,'' 1/12/1971)
  • Kiddie Parties, Inc. (''The Lucy Show,'' 10/7/1963)
  • Law and Order, Incorporated (''The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca,'' 12/12/1958)
  • Mink, Incorporated (''The Phil Silvers Show,'' 12/11/1956)
  • Replacements, Inc. (''K-9 to 5'')
  • Quitters, Inc. (''The Adam Carolla Project,'' 12/6/2005)
  • Pixies, Inc. (''The Fairly OddParents,'' 2/20/2004)
  • Romance, Incorporated (''The Tycoon,'' 1/26/1965)
  • Spider, Inc. (''Science Fiction Theatre,'' 5/28/1955)
  • Squib, Inc. (''15/Love'')
  • Villains, Incorporated (''Richie Rich'')
  • War, Inc. (''The Agency,'' 4/26/2003)
  • Wildlife, Inc. (''Whistling Wings'')

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