Friday, November 18, 2005

Carpe Diem & Carpe D/B

Time to seize the database! Once each month I search public databases to find broadcasting scoop. Here's some November news.


MTV recently announced two new shows—both spin-offs from ''Laguna Beach: The Real OC.'' In 2006 you'll be able to watch LC in ''The Hills'' and Miami models in ''8th & Ocean.''

That's not news anymore. You've heard about these shows everywhere.

But what about this? MTV is working on two other shows: ''MTV Juvies'' and ''Seriously, Your Band Sucks.'' Viacom filed documents for these other two shows the same day as ''The Hills'' and 10 days before ''8th & Ocean,'' meaning MTV should make announcements soon.

AOL/Warner Bros.

I'm sure that you already heard that AOL & Warner Bros. announced In2TV this past Monday. But I'll bet you haven't seen the logo they may use:
When AOL/Warner announced In2TV, they also unveiled six channels:
  • LOL TV
  • Dramarama TV
  • Heroes & Horror TV
  • Rush TV
  • Vintage TV
  • Toontopia TV
There are two things they didn't tell you. First, they didn't present their prelim logos for individual channels:
toontopia tv
Secondly, they didn't disclose all of the channels. AOL/Warner already has two more channels in the works:
  • Get Real TV
  • Lost & Found TV


Just last week T-Mobile protected the phrases, Web 'n' Walk, News 'n' Walk and TV 'n' Walk. That can mean only one thing. T-Mobile will soon deliver video content to your phones. Their proposed logo?

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