Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Breadth Is the Brand Leveler

Theme. Tagline. Slogan. Brand.

Four words that must drive cable net execs simply nuts.

How do you use a simple phrase, graphics, bumpers and ad campaign to convince an audience that your channel is worth watching? You have to identify a niche and choose a theme that sets you apart from other channels, but, at the same time, you have to appeal to a wide audience. A tough problem. And that's why channels change taglines so often. They're looking for just the right message that balances its content niche with audience breadth.

Which cable nets recently refreshed their brands? Last week Court TV unveiled The Whole Truth as its new slogan. A week earlier, TLC unveiled its new brand, Live and Learn, including collectible figurines.

Can you match each tagline with its cable network?
1.Be morea.Bravo
2.find your own storyb.IFC
3.It's Your Life...Spend It Wellc.Lifetime
4.Real. Life. Now.d.Logo
5.tv. uncut.e.The N
6.very funnyf.PBS
7.watch pretty.g.style
8.Watch What Happensh.tbs
9.WE have more funi.WealthTV
10.Your Network. Your Stories.j.Women's Entertainment


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