Wednesday, October 18, 2006

False Freuds Are Worse Than Open Enemies

I looked at the TV schedule last night and smirked when I read the ep title for "Help Me Help You." I knew right then that I found my topic for today's post — ep title fun with Freud.

Here's a sample:
  • There's Nothing to Be Afreud of But Freud Himself (''That Girl,'' 10/26/1967)
  • Who's a Freud of Ginger Wolfe? (''Julia,'' 10/22/1968)
  • French Freud (''The Inspector'' on ''The Pink Panther Show,'' 1969)
  • Freudian Ship (''The Bob Newhart Show,'' 1/7/1978)
  • Party of Freud (''Party of Five,'' 2/17/1999)
  • Norm vs. Freud (''The Norm Show,'' 1/5/2001)
  • Freud's Dilemma (''The Chris Isaak Show,'' 3/12/2001)
  • Freudian Dip (''Johnny Bravo,'' 4/6/2001)
  • The Island of Doctor Freud (''Time Squad,'' 6/22/2001)
  • Freudian Sleep (''Frasier,'' 2/3/2004)
  • Freudian Kicks (''Just for Kicks,'' 5/21/2006)
  • Pink Freud (''Help Me Help You,'' 10/17/2006)

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