Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hotel Is Where the Heart Is

Uh-oh. Who forgot about Valentine's Day? Was it you? Good luck trying to get dinner reservations for tonight.

Here are two hints.

First try OpenTable.com. You might be surprised. Since V-day is mid-week this year, you might actually find some availability at the last minute. I've used OpenTable multiple times and have never been disappointed.

Couldn't find availability? What if you reserve a hotel room near your fave cafe and get take-away?

Now the big question. Which hotel. I can't solve that problem as easily, but I can give you a list of TV's hotels, motels and inns for you to match with the correct series.
Series NameHotel, Motel or Inn
1.''Big Shamus, Little Shamus'' (CBS, 1979)a.Caesar's Palace Hotel & Casino
2.''Have Gun, Will Travel'' (CBS, 1957)b.Dragonfly Inn
3.''Hearts Are Wild'' (CBS, 1992)c.Ansonia Hotel
4.''Hotel'' (ABC, 1983)d.Grand Waimea
5.''Gilmore Girls'' (WB, 2000)e.The Monkey Bar & Hotel
6.''North Shore'' (Fox, 2004)f.Hotel Carlton
7.''Bosom Buddies'' (ABC, 1980)g.Desert Flower Casino
8.''Tales of the Gold Monkey'' (ABC, 1982)h.St. Gregory Hotel
9.''Vega$'' (ABC, 1978)i.Desert Inn
10.''The Watcher'' (UPN, 1995)j.Susan B. Anthony Hotel


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