Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring Break Gone Wild

I still remember one family trip to Ft. Lauderdale when I was in 8th grade. It was Spring Break and we stayed in a HoJos across the street from the beach. College students were making mischievous mayhem. Somebody put a sand shark in the pool. People were diving from balconies into the shark-infested pool. Quite the site for young eyes.

Now — especially thanks to late-night ads on Comedy Central — we're supposed to think about Girls Gone Wild when we think Spring Break. The first GGW vid was released in 1998 and the concept was a pop cultural phenomenon by 2000. Just take a look at the number of ep names that pay homage to these vids:
  • Boys Gone Wild (''The Man Show,'' 7/23/2000)
  • Cheryl Gone Wild (''According to Jim,'' 1/24/2007)
  • Evil Goes Wild (''Evil con Carne'')
  • Experiments Gone Wild (''Clean Sweep'')
  • Garage Gone Wild (''The Dan Ho Show,'' 1/18/2007)
  • Gilmore Girls Gone Wild (''Gilmore Girls,'' 4/13/2004)
  • Girls Gone Cluttered (''Clean Sweep,'' 5/8/2004)
  • Girls Gone Mild (''The Powerpuff Girls,'' 1/16/2004)
  • Girls Gone Wild (''What I Like About You,'' 4/8/2005)
  • Girls Gone Wilder (''Survivor,'' 3/26/2003)
  • Girls Gone WYWO (''While You Were Out'')
  • Good Moms Gone Wild (''8 Simple Rules,'' 3/25/2003)
  • Grannies Gone Wild (''Reba,'' 11/11/2005)
  • Guy Gone Wild (''Off Centre,'' 1/13/2002)
  • Haley Gone Wild (''American Dragon: Jake Long'')
  • Juan Goes Wild (''The Man Show,'' 6/6/2004)
  • Rednecks Gone Wild (''V-Twin Motorcycle TV'')
  • Spies Gone Wild (''She Spies,'' 1/19/2004)
  • Trannys Gone Wild (''Cops,'' 12/4/2004)

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