Wednesday, February 15, 2006

All You Need Is Love-ly Ep Titles

Well, it's the day after Valentine's Day. Maybe bloody Wednesday for some guys who now think they know nothing about love.

What if you knew nothing about love? And what if you turned to TV to learn?

No. Not the "Bachelor" or "Joe Millionaire." If we learned anything from these shows, we learned that people find some infamy. But not love. Definitely not love.

If you've ever read episode titles, you know that they can be pretty profound. Are there any pearls of wisdom hidden in TV land that most people don't know about? What if everything you knew about love came from ep titles? What would you know?

Here are the top 15 things you can learn about love from TV:
  • Love Is a Skinny Kid (''Route 66,'' 4/6/1962)
  • Love Is a White Sea Bass (''The Baileys of Balboa,'' 9/24/1964)
  • Love Is a Nickel Bag (''Dan August,'' 10/7/1970)
  • Love is a Four-Letter Word (''McNaughton's Daughter,'' 3/24/1976)
  • Love Is Sweeping the Counter (''Alice,'' 12/11/1977)
  • Love Is a Free Throw (''Alice,'' 1/15/1978)
  • Love Is a Three-Way Street (''Trapper John, M.D.,'' 10/21/1979)
  • Love Is the Tar Pits (''Laverne & Shirley,'' 1/12/1982)
  • Love Is Debatable (''Head of the Class,'' 2/10/1988)
  • Love Is a Really, Really, Perfectly Okay Thing (''Cheers,'' 9/20/1990)
  • Love Is Like Pulling Teeth (''Wings,'' 1/10/1991)
  • Love Is a Many Blundered Thing (''The Nanny,'' 2/12/1996)
  • Love is a Download (''Spicy City,'' 7/11/1997)
  • Love Is a Pain in the A** (a.k.a. Love Stings) (''Off Centre,'' 9/19/2002)
  • Love Isn't Blind, It's Retarded (''Two and a Half Men,'' 2/6/2006)

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