Tuesday, February 20, 2007

gr8est tv airlines

Once the darling of the airline industry, Jet Blue recently encountered its first pocket of turbulence. Blue will recover just fine.

But it makes me wonder whether Oceanic Airlines will recover? It lost a plane. It lost people. I wonder what other ticketed passengers thought about the whole thing? Is Oceanic Airlines still flying?

And then I started to wonder about other fake airlines on TV. Here's a short list of TV's greatest fake airlines:
  • Air Cathay on "Terry & the Pirates" (1953, Syn)
  • Lato Airlines on "The Islanders" (1960, ABC)
  • Oceanic Airlines on "Lost" (2004, ABC)
  • Regency Airlines on "The Crew" (1995, Fox)
  • Sandpiper Air on "Wings" (1990, NBC)
  • Slick Air on "Fly By Night" (1991, CBS)
  • Spencer Aviation on "Spencer's Pilots" (1976, CBS)
  • Sunwest Airlines on "Flying High" (1978, CBS)

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