Friday, September 29, 2006

Just Jordan

That's the name of a new Viacom show that's in development.

Google returned no real info. E-mails to Viacom about the new show went unanswered, which means one thing. I get to speculate all I want, but take the rest of this post with a grain of salt.

At first I figured MTV was doing another reality series about the solo career of a former boy-band member. The word "Just" fit this idea perfectly. Ashley Parker Angel had another 15 minutes of fame early this year. It just seemed right that Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block would have his turn.

But then I thought about it some more. MTV is known for doing reality-show spin-offs. It would've been perfect if Heidi's ex, Jordan Eubanks, got his own show. "Just Jordan" could've been a spin-off of "The Hills" which was a spin-off of "Laguna Beach." This show would've been right up MTV's programming hot spot since it's filming multiple reality shows in Hawaii.

And then I searched a bit more and read more carefully. On September 20 and 21, 2006, Viacom filed docs to protect names for multiple shows, including "Island Fever" and "Just Jordan." One thing about these filings stuck out. The app for "Just Jordan" specified a series that "featured animation" while all other apps were for live-action series.

So much for my theories.

Update (8 Oct 2006): Since all of the Viacom docs were for MTV shows in development, I'll stick with "Just Jordan" as an MTV show. If you have any thoughts about an animated MTV show called "Just Jordan," I'd love to hear them.

Update (8 Oct 2006): Fortunately one of my readers has a better idea. An animated show on Nick. I'll update the entry if there are additional comments before Viacom's official announcement.

Update (23 Oct 2006): "Just Jordan" is scheduled to preem on Nickelodeon on January 6, 2007.


Anonymous said...

Just Jordan is going to be show premiering on Viacom owned Nickelodeon

dr. tv (mike vicic) said...

Thanks! Do you have any other info you can share?