Thursday, August 18, 2005

Good Grief! It's Hidden Howie

"Hidden Howie" debuts tonight on Bravo.

We know all about the wacky Howie Mandell and his antics. His appearances on "The Tonight Show" as a field reporter. His voice on "Bobby's World." A latex glove on his head. And his career-making role on "St. Elsewhere." But we forget about less memorable appearances, like his starring role in the series, "Good Grief!"

One of the episodes of "Good Grief!" is named "The Good, the Bad and the Mariachis" (11/11/1990)--an obvious takeoff of the famous 1966 Clint Eastwood movie. But "Good Grief!" is not the only series to name an ep after this famous western.

If you're not good and you're not bad, what else can you be? TV writers pondered this question for decades, and here's what they thought best filled in the blank for "The Good, the Bad and the ______":
  • Ficus (''Quark,'' 3/10/1978)

  • Beautiful (''B.J. and the Bear,'' 2/16/1980)

  • Profane (''Falcon Crest,'' 4/2/1982)

  • Priceless (''The Master,'' 3/23/1984)

  • Dead (''Tour of Duty,'' 11/19/1987)

  • Ugly (''Just the Ten of Us,'' 3/17/1989)

  • Urkel (''Family Matters,'' 4/19/1991)

  • Pharmacist (''Grace Under Fire,'' 10/20/1993)

  • Hansens (''The Boys Are Back,'' 10/19/1994)

  • Not-So-Appealing (''Mad about You,'' 10/29/1995)

  • Wealthy (''Sliders,'' 3/22/1996)

  • Hairless (''The Jeff Foxworthy Show,'' 4/7/1997)

  • Luau (''Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,'' 5/21/1999)

  • Cursed (''Charmed,'' 2/15/2001)

  • Lawyers (''The Education of Max Bickford,'' 1/6/2002)

  • Lazy (''Off Centre,'' 1/20/2002)

  • Funny (''The Parkers,'' 5/5/2003)

  • Geeky (''Jake 2.0,'' 10/8/2003)

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