Thursday, January 26, 2006

Keep a Stiff Upper IP

You know you want to simultaneously distribute HDTV quality video to multiple rooms over standard CAT5 cables. NetStreams will soon let you do that. Here's an excerpt about the world's first IP-based home video distribution system.
Unlike other multi-room audio-video systems, the NetStreams DigiLinX uses only digital computer network technology to link all components. The system's key advantage, of carrying both system control and content information along a standard network cable using open-standard protocols, greatly reduces system wiring, simplifies installation and set-up, ensures excellent signal quality, and allows other companies' IP-based products, such as climate, lighting, or security controls, to operate on the same network.

While NetStreams employs the streaming technology used for sending music and video over the Internet, its patent-pending StreamNet technology involves synchronizing content delivery so that programs play at precisely the same time throughout an entire system, an essential feature for multi-room entertainment.

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