Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Performer By Any Other Name Would Act As Sweet

If you've watched the news at all, you're well aware that Monday marked the third anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Speaking of the military, have you noticed that fighter pilots always get choice nicknames? In "Top Gun" we met Maverick and Goose. In a TV Shorty called "AFP: American Fighter Pilot," we were introduced to flight instructors named Heater, Shark, Bubba and Stump.

But TV performers do pretty well in the nickname department too. Just take a look at the episode list for A&E's "Biography" series. Granted. These nicknames aren't as forceful. But we're talking about performers. Not pilots.

Some "Biography" ep titles, like "Vanna White: Game Show Hostess," are simply matter-of-fact. Others, like "Ray Walston: No Antennae, Please" and "Paul Lynde: Off Center," allude to a singular role that defined a performer's career — for better or for worse.

Can you match the following TV personalities with their "Biography" nicknames?
TV Personality"Biography" Nickname
1.Jackie Gleasona.Master of Ceremonies
2.Henry Winklerb.The Eye of CBS
3.Loretta Youngc.Hollywood's Musical Mom
4.Sid Caesard.Eyewitness to History
5.Bob Barkere.Hollywood's Heavenly Beauty
6.Walter Cronkitef.Hollywood's Coolest Character
7.Ed McMahong.Television's Comedy Genius
8.Mike Wallaceh.America's Sidekick
9.Shirley Jonesi.Hollywood's Homespun Hero
10.Andy Griffithj.TV's Grand Inquisitor
11.William S. Paleyk.The Great One


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