Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Every Sitmom Has Two Names

"Kicked Out" premieres on ABCFamily on Wednesday to document how real Moms and Dads introduce slacker 20-somethings to the real world. I'll bet they wanted to call it "Get a Life," but we all know that sitcom was about a 30-something slacker. Not a 20-something slacker.

I laugh aloud when I think about how Carol & Mike Brady would've handled offspring like Chris Peterson.

Speaking of Carol Brady. Did you ever wonder about Carol's maiden name? What about maiden names of other sitmoms?

Well if you have, then today is your lucky day. Match the sitmom (left column) with her correct maiden name (right column). The answers are hidden after the table. Just click on "(+/-)answers" to show/hide the answers.

SitmomMaiden Name
1.Carol Brady ("Brady Bunch")a.Baines
2.Peggy Bundy ("Married with Children")b.Bouvier
3.Edith Bunker ("All in the Family")c.Bronson
4.June Cleaver ("Leave It to Beaver")d.Donnelly
5.Roseanne Conner ("Roseanne")e.Hanks
6.Marion Cunningham ("Happy Days")f.Harris
7.Peggy Hill ("King of the Hill")g.Kelp
8.Clair Huxtable ("Cosby Show")h.Malone
9.Elyse Keaton ("Family Ties")i.Mullenger
10.Maggie Seaver ("Growing Pains")j.Platter
11.Marge Simpson ("The Simpsons")k.Tyler
12.Donna Stone ("Donna Reed Show")l.Wanker


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