Tuesday, May 02, 2006

As the Biggest Event, So Shall the Family Tree Grow

Tonight on CBS you can watch a scandalous new special, "Dynasty: Catfights & Caviar"

Wait. Wasn't "Dynasty" on ABC?

It sure was, but now it looks like the Tiffany net is acting like ReunionSoapNet. Just take a look at what else the Eye showed in the last year-and-a-half:
  • 2 Dec 2005: "Knots Landing: Together Again"
  • 7 Nov 2004: "Dallas: Return to Southfork"
I find it surprising that CBS airs these sudsy reunions instead of ABC since Disney owns SoapNet.

Anyways. It's time to prepare for tonight's excitement. I reckon that a family tree is a simple way to refresh your memory about the characters; so here are the family trees for the Carrington and Colby clans.

(If you want to see larger images in your browser, just left-click on the images. You may also save or print by right-clicking the images and selecting print/save TARGET. If you select picture instead of target, you'll be disappointed.)

  • Sources used:
  • Family Tree constructed using Legacy (Family Tree) Deluxe Edition, version
  • Original charts (*.bmp) constructed using Legacy Charting Companion, version 2.0.
  • Charts converted to *.png and *.gif formats using MS Paint to reduce image size.

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