Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dolly's Dixie Diner

When I first saw the phrase I thought we were going to see Dolly Parton's unaired sitcom from 1994, "Heavens to Betsy" get resurrected. (The working title of "Heavens to Betsy" was "Dixie's Diner.") Then I thought maybe Dolly was going to remake Jimmy Buffet's song, Dixie Diner. I even thought that maybe she bought Dixie Diner, a manufacturer of health foods.

All I had to do was click and read to find that Dolly might be cookin' 9 to 5.

That's right. Dolly is developing her own cooking show. On April 12, 2007 Ms. Parton filed documents with the US Patent & Trademark office to protect the phrase Dolly's Dixie Diner for:
Educational and entertainment services in the nature of a series of cooking shows, and single cooking shows, broadcast over television, satellite, radio and by means of other audio and video media.
And of course the related media:
Pre-recorded video tapes, phonographic records, video discs, audio tapes, compact discs, DVDs, laser discs, CD-ROMs featuring cooking instructions and techniques, food preparation, recipes, dietary and health information, and food storage and preservation instructions and techniques.

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