Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy for Beaver

Forty-nine years ago today, "Leave It to Beaver" preemed on CBS.

If you want to celebrate, then you can watch TV Land's weekly Wednesday morning mini-marathon from 10AM-Noon. No fanfare today, but I assume TV Land has grand plans for the show's 50th anniversary next year.

Even though TV Land isn't observing the anniversary, I thought I might. Especially since it seems like TV writers celebrate the show quite often through ep titles. Here's a short list of ep names that pay homage to this classic:
  • Leave It to Harry (''The New Phil Silvers Show,'' 2/1/1964)
  • Leave It to Patty (''The Patty Duke Show,'' 4/29/1964)
  • Leave It to Lassie (''Lassie,'' 10/11/1964)
  • Leave It to Dixie (''Laredo,'' 12/30/1966)
  • Leave It to Weaver (''Sunshine,'' 5/22/1975)
  • Leave It to the Beavers (''Newhart,'' 3/12/1984)
  • Leave It to Willie (''The Hogan Family,'' 11/9/1986)
  • Leave It to Diva (''Webster,'' 1/16/1987)
  • Leave It to Cleavage (''Brothers,'' 6/12/1987)
  • Leave It to Geezer (''L.A. Law,'' 3/30/1989)
  • Leave It to Tweek (''Rude Dog & the Dweebs'')
  • Leave It to Bill & Ted (''Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures,'' 10/5/1991)
  • Leave it to Casper (''Casper'')
  • Leave It to Beavers (''Pinky & the Brain,'' 9/8/1997)
  • Leave It to Beavis (''The Beavis & Butt-Head Show,'' 11/25/1997)
  • Leave It to Weaver (''ER,'' 9/30/1999)
  • Leave it to Beavers (''Stanley,'' 10/22/2001)
  • Leave It to Diva (''That's So Raven,'' 5/28/2004)
  • Leave It to Lopez (''George Lopez,'' 10/26/2004)
  • Leave It to Beaver (''Veronica Mars,'' 5/10/2005)

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