Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Newsmag Ratings

I just read parts of the report from Project for Excellence in Journalism, The State of the News Media 2007: An Annual Report on American Journalism. I came across this data and plot, which shows Prime-Time News Magazine Viewership.

I have to say I was shocked to only see data from three periods. And I was even more shocked to see that the periods weren't the same length nor properly adjusted for season. Just awful. It did a fine job for morning and evening news, but not primetime.

So I thought I'd fix the problem. I don't have viewership data, but I do have household rating data from present day back to 1983. And I can easily query the data so that I only compare weekend airings (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in November of each year.

For those still reading, here's the plot:
You can click on the plot to view the Figure in your browser.

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