Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When You Say Dysfunctional, You've Said It All

I was watching "The War at Home" recently online and wondered whether Dave Gold has a fave beer.

In "The Bitter Pill to Swallow" (ep 21), Dave drank Dos Equis Amber. Consistently. He had the same brand on three different days in this ep; so I thought maybe XX was his drink of choice.

Then I watched "The Battle of the Golds" (ep 20) where Dave drank a magical beer. It definitely wasn't Dos Equis. Why was it magical? It wasn't on the kitchen table when Dave first walked in the door, and even though nobody went to the fridge, the beer appeared in a later shot. In the first shot of the brew, it's unopened, but the bottle cap vaporizes into thin air in the next shot. While Dave was drinking the beer, I watched the bottle cap closely — it jumped around the placemat like Hiro was moving it. Regardless, the bottle's label was hidden from the camera, but it definitely was not Dos Equis. Later in the same ep, Dave grabbed a can from the fridge and his third beer looked like a Heineken.

I think it's safe to say that Dave doesn't have a signature brand of beer. Almost looks like the crew goes to Ralph's and buys whatever beer is on sale.

But what about other heads of dysfunctional families? Do they have fave beers?
  • Alamo Beer: Hank Hill on "King of the Hill"

  • Big Top Beer: Mama on "Mama's Family"

  • Duff Beer: Homer Simpson on "The Simpsons"

  • Girlie Girl Beer: Al Bundy on "Married...with Children"

  • Pawtucket Patriot Ale: Peter Griffin on "Family Guy"
I'm surprised nobody for "The War at Home" took a page from Apollo Candy ("Lost") or Rome Wine ("Rome") and developed a fictional brand of beer for Dave Gold solely for marketing purposes. Feature it prominently on the show and sell it at the local BevMo. The tagline for Doug's beer? How 'bout the famous Archie Bunker quote: "You can't buy beer, you just rent it."

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