Thursday, January 25, 2007

Drama Matters

So say the folks who say "We Know Drama."

Turner Network Television, Inc. (TNT) filed two different documents with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) on 19 January 2007 to protect the phrase Drama Matters. Furthermore, way back on 7 December 2006 TNT registered two domains — and — but neither domain is currently accessible.

What does this all mean?

Two different trademark filings. Two different domains. Similar names.

Fortunately, TNT was extremely specific in its trademark filings. Based on this limited information, here's what TNT appears to be developing.
  • "Brokerage of literary, screen and TV treatments, short stories, animation, novels, screen and TV plays, plays, dramas and songs and musical plays and compositions."
  • "Providing online information and news promoting the public awareness of the cognitive, emotional, cultural and social benefits of drama education," including "a continuing series of public service campaigns."
My e-mails to TNT requesting additional information went unanswered. All quoted material is taken directly from the USPTO documents.

I love the idea of promoting drama education. Long overdue. 'nuff said.

But a brokerage? Really?

If TNT is the intermediary and the average person is the seller, who is the buyer? TNT? Any entity in the Time-Warner family? Anybody who wants to buy? And what will the creator get?

I know it's another attempt to encourage user-generated content, but it faces a tough road. It's far easier to upload a serendipitous video clip than it is to write a screenplay. And it's much simpler to watch a vid clip than it is to read any treatment.

If the site ever goes live, I can't wait to read all the fanfic! I'm already salivating over the crossover between "The Closer" and "The Librarian."

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Elizabeth said...

I work for the boys and girls club. We are one of the partners in this program and the trademarking of a program name is usually standard across the board.

This Site:

has more information, but you have probably already checked it out. I believe we are still developing the programs, but I am currently working out of a manual and trying to run it.