Thursday, March 15, 2007

SHO Mobile

On March 9, 2007 Showtime Networks Inc. filed documents to protect the word marks, SHO Mobile and Showtime Mobile, and their logos. I guess this means Showtime is truly going mobile with its own brand.

But what about mobile content on Doesn't that count?

Well, kind of.

Showtime launched its mobile store two years ago. Then it introduced mobile video about six months ago.

What do these two items have in common? The announcements highlighted Showtime (content) and another company (delivery). It was essentially co-branded. That's fine at the beginning for the techies, but Showtime obviously realizes the average person doesn't care which company delivers the content. Just as long as it is delivered.

I'm guessing SHO Mobile will the single face of mobile content from Showtime, and you'll never hear another word about the other company (or subsidiary) that actually delivers your fav shows.

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