Thursday, May 03, 2007

Orders in the Court TV

Court TV is developing two new shows — "Lived to Tell" and "Pirate Repo" — but has not made any announcements about them. Since I received no reply for my requests for additional information, I'm going to make some educated guesses about the shows.
  • "Lived to Tell": Court TV registered this word mark on April 18, 2007 and registered the domain,, just two days later. The website isn't live yet. The trademark filing is for "a continuing television program series featuring crime, criminal justice, law enforcement and criminal investigations." Based solely on the name, I reckon that the series will focus on crimes that the victims survived and that we'll hear the story from the victim's perspective. Probably like a docudrama with some dramatizations.
  • "Pirate Repo": Obviously, Court TV is trying to ride the pirate fad with this one. Court TV's April 27th filing provided little new information for this word mark. Just a day before filing the trademark app, Court TV registered the domain, This website isn't live yet either. I hope "Pirate Repo" isn't just a reality series about a company called Pirate Auto Recovery. It could be so much more. Hopefully 'pirate' is used in the general sense to describe the style of the repo men being featured. After all, Repo Pirates was the title of an episode of the 2001 TLC series, "Repo Men: Stealing for a Living." BTW: You can watch the Repo Pirates ep on Discovery Times this Sunday at 10AM EDT.

Update at 1:27AM PDT on 3 May 2007: I just found out about a third Court TV show. "Thrill Junkies." Just like the other skeins, Court TV recently filed a trademark app and registered the parked domain, No chance to domain squat here.

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