Thursday, February 08, 2007

Divorce House

That title has Fox Reality written all over it. Doesn't it?

Just think about the possibilites. Make it like The War of the Roses. But make it more than one couple — maybe something like six couples who really don't like each other and are quite vindictive. Then add a touch of "Paradise Hotel" or "Forever Eden" — let different people hook-up every show. Then add a smidge of "Temptation Island — tape some of the interludes and show the future exes. Sounds like the perfect Fox show — all four shows are either 20th Century Fox properties or aired on Fox.

That's probably not what "Divorce House" will be like.

So what can I tell you about "DH"? Not much.

I found a trademark application for "Divorce House" that was filed on 31 January 2007 for "Cable television programming; Entertainment in the nature of on-going television programs in the field of entertainment and reality shows."

The website for "Divorce House",, was created on 23 January 2007, but all registration info was kept private. Plus the website is just parked right now.

I could not find contact information for the persons who filed the trademark application, which meant my usual RFI wasn't ignored since I couldn't even request further information.

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