Monday, October 10, 2005

One and Done

Can I have a drum roll please?

Here's the list that everybody's been waiting for: One & Done. Which series did the networks pick up, intend to air at least four eps in primetime, and then shelve after the first ep?

Here's the ultimate shorty list:
  • ''Co-ed Fever'' (CBS, 1979)
  • ''Dot Comedy'' (ABC, 2000)
  • ''Lawless'' (Fox, 1997)
  • ''Public Morals'' (CBS, 1996)
  • ''South of Sunset'' (CBS, 1993)
  • ''Turn On'' (ABC, 1969)
  • ''Who's Whose'' (CBS, 1951)
  • ''The Will'' (CBS, 2005)
  • ''You're in the Picture'' (CBS, 1961)

    The list does not include:
  • busted pilots.
  • series that networks picked up and produced, but never aired (see comments for more series).
  • skeins, like ''The Guys Next Door'' (1990, NBC), that showed a sneak peek ep in primetime before settling into other (Saturday morning) timeslots.
  • shows, like ''Good Morning, Miss Bliss'' (1988, Disney), that aired a pilot on network primetime (NBC, 7/11/1987) and then were picked up for a non-network run (Disney, 1988-1989).

    Just one more note:
  • ''Juarez'' (ABC, 1988): ABC halted production before any eps aired but after two eps were completed. ABC then burned off one of these two completed eps on May 28, 1988. Since ABC obviously had no intention of airing more than three eps, I don't include ''Juarez'' on the list.
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