Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Big Eps on Campus

College football kicked off this past weekend, which means we get to read absurd stories about student-athletes. And after reading stories that USC surrounds their prized quarterback, Matt Leinart, with security guards, I think it's truly safe to say that he's the BMOC.

The concept of Big Man On Campus is hardly foreign to TV. WB even aired a reality series, "BMOC: Big Man on Campus," last TV season.

Since it's Wednesday, that means it's time to look at ep titles and find out who else is Big on Campus in TV Land. Here are the ep titles that complete the phrase "Big _____ on Campus" in reverse chronological order.

  • Big Crane on Campus (''Frasier,'' 2/3/2000)
  • Big Mouth on Campus (''The Steve Harvey Show,'' 2/18/1999)
  • Big Twin on Campus (''Sister, Sister,'' 5/8/1996)
  • Big Screech on Campus (''Saved by the Bell: The New Class,'' 9/30/1995)
  • Big Girl on Campus (''Step by Step,'' 5/12/1995)
  • Big Mon on Campus (''Where I Live,'' 11/6/1993)
  • Big Girl on Campus (''Who's the Boss?,'' 9/29/1987)
  • Big Nazi on Campus (''Sledge Hammer,'' 9/24/1987)
  • Big Man on Campus (''Delta House,'' 3/17/1979)
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