Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Blunder Lasts But Nine Days

New shows have been selected. Preem dates have been officially announced. Hopes are high.

But every viewer knows most new shows won't be around next year. And, even though the writers are grateful for being picked up and hopeful for syndication, they also know the odds are slim. Some scribes convey these self-realizations through their ep titles. Take a look.
  • One Down (1st ep of ''Head Over Heels'' on UPN, 8/26/1997)
  • Son of Pilot (1st ep of ''Nurses'' on NBC, 9/14/1991)
  • The Second One, Believe It or Not (2nd ep of ''That's Life'' on ABC, 3/10/1998)
  • Episode Two: The Series Has Landed (2nd ep of ''Futurama'' on Fox, 4/4/1999)
  • 94 to Syndication (4th ep of ''That's Life'' on ABC, 3/31/1998)
  • The Show We Wrote the Day We Found Out We Were Going on Opposite Roseanne (7th ep of ''Double Rush'' on CBS, 3/8/1995)
  • Episode Six (a.k.a. The Last Episode Ever) (6th ep of ''Clerks'' was originally unaired)
  • 13th Episode Anniversary Special (13th ep of ''Good Grief'' on Fox, 2/3/1991)
  • Next Stop, Valhalla (81st ep of ''The Nurses'' on CBS, 12/15/1964)

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