Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rome Wasn't Built in a 10 Day Take

''10 Day Take''

Comcast filed docs with the USPTO on October 27, 2006 to protect that phrase. Endemol USA registered two domains — and — on October 17, 2006.

You probably know Endemol USA for ''Deal or No Deal'' and ''Big Brother'' and ''The One: The Making of a Music Star.'' What could it have up its sleeve this time? According to its trademark filing, ''10 Day Take'' will be:
a web site featuring video clips, musical performances, musical videos, related film clips, photographs and other video and multimedia materials; contests relating to conception and development of television and video programming; entertainment services in the nature or television.
I'd be very excited to know that Endemol is taking its game-sense to the web and developing a forum for multimedia developers to compete against each other over a ten-day period to execute a specific idea, followed by visitor voting. That would rock!

I e-mailed the administrative contact for for additional information, but my e-mail went unanswered. If you're keeping track at home, I'm now oh-fer twenty when requesting info by e-mail.

Update (2 Nov 2006, 6:22PM PST): Endemol USA is my favorite production company. They responded to my request and confirmed "that it [10 Day Take] will be a competition with a signficiant web component."end update

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