Thursday, July 13, 2006

From the Primetime to the Vidiculous

I finally read about a site (via bookofjoe) that's going to allow you to use a photo to perform a visual search of the web. It's about time. But I guess that means it will take a while before I'll be able to find my ideal video search engine.

What about this mythical TV vid search engine? Just use a menu to select the title of the series and, if desired, the ep name. The search engine first uses the series and ep titles to find sites that might be relevant. Next, the engine uses one (or more) pre-stored pics to select the best matches from these relevant sites by comparing the uploaded pics to key screen captures of the available videos.

Too structured? What if you upload your own pic and type one or more keyword(s). As before, the search engine first uses the text to find likely matches and confirms these matches by comparing the uploaded pic with key vid stills.

I reckon that this vid search engine would work best for animated series.

Maybe YouTube or GoogleVideo will develop it, but I really thought that the porn industry would've developed something like this already. Then again, maybe it already has and I just don't know about it.

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