Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Potpourri Ep Titles

This week a few series are running eps with titles that I thought would be a big hit, but they all ended up with short lists. Instead of giving you one long list today, I present a few shorter lists — each list headlined by this week's ep:
  • No Man Is an Island (''Aliens in America,'' 10/8/2007)
    • No Man Is an Atoll (''The Brian Keith Show,'' 3/8/1974)
    • No Man Is Manhattan Island (''That Girl,'' 10/16/1970)
  • Laird of the Ring (''Carpoolers,'' 10/9/2007)
    • Lord of the Bling (''Veronica Mars,'' 2/8/2005)
    • Lord of the Wings (''Eat, Shrink and Be Merry'')
  • The Chicken and the Leg (''Boston Legal,'' 10/9/2007)
    • Caroline and the Egg (''Caroline in the City,'' 11/3/1997)
    • The King and the Egg (''Anna and the King,'' 12/17/1972)
  • You Only Die Once (''CSI: NY,'' 10/10/2007)
    • You Only Come Once (''Son of the Beach,'' 7/30/2002)
    • You Only Lick Twice (''Stripperella,'' 7/24/2003)
    • You Only Live Once (''American High'')
    • You Only Love Twice (''The Centurions,'' 11/13/1986)
    • You Only Move Twice (''The Simpsons,'' 11/3/1996)
    • You Only Run Once (''Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater,'' 10/5/1956)
    • You Only Run Once (''Frontier Justice,'' 7/13/1959)
    • You Only Scare Twice (''Aaahh!!! Real Monsters,'' 10/26/1996)
    • You Only Sneeze Twice (''The X's,'' 2/24/2006)

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