Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Michael McKean Turns 60

Michael McKean, of Lenny & Squiggy fame, celebrates his 60th birthday today.

I looked at his TV/filmography to decide how best to honor him with ep titles. I definitely thought the mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap, would've been the right choice, but I couldn't really find any TV episodes that referenced this film title. After a few more dead ends (Young Doctors in Love, Earth Girls Are Easy), I was stuck using his back-to-back head films — Coneheads (1993) and Airheads (1994) — for inspiration.

None of these ep titles pay homage to these two specific films, but it's still an interesting list:
  • Avocado Heads (''The New Gidget'')
  • Balloon Heads (''Little Bear'')
  • Boneheads (''Paleoworld'')
  • Bowling Pinheads (''The New Three Stooges'')
  • Bubbleheads (''O'Grady,'' 12/31/2004)
  • Bucketheads (''The Oblongs,'' 4/22/2001)
  • Cement Heads (''Aaahh!!! Real Monsters,'' 9/14/1996)
  • Chicken Noodle Heads (''7th Heaven,'' 11/14/2005)
  • Eggheads (''Sliders,'' 4/26/1995)
  • Flat Heads (''Three Stooges Cartoon Comedies'')
  • Foreign Legion Air-Heads (''Meatballs and Spaghetti'')
  • Hard Hats and Hard Heads (''Eight Is Enough,'' 2/1/1978)
  • Horror Heads (''Craft Lab'')
  • Jarheads (''The Blue Angels,'' 10/3/1960)
  • Kettleheads (''Jubilee'')
  • Loggerheads (''Death Valley Days'')
  • Loggerheads (''Here Come the Brides,'' 3/26/1969)
  • Loggerheads (''Liars & Legends'')
  • Motor Heads (''Toonheads'')
  • Pinheads (''The X's,'' 2/3/2006)
  • Radio Heads (''That's So Raven,'' 6/25/2004)
  • Schnitheads (''Rocko's Modern Life,'' 10/29/1995)
  • Skinheads (''Forty Minutes,'' 10/14/1982)
  • The Flatheads (''The New Three Stooges'')
  • The Metalheads (''My Coolest Years'')
  • The Redheads (''Official Detective'')

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