Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Fresh Hare

Sixty-five years ago today WB released one of its now-controversial Bugs Bunny cartoons — "Fresh Hare". The title is a classic WB pun and the subject of this week's fun with ep titles.

Some of the more obvious puns use hare in place of hair:
  • Bad Hare Day (''Goosebumps,'' 9/14/1996)
  • Bad Hare Day (''Ace Ventura,'' 12/13/1996)
  • Bad Hare Day (''Brandy & Mr. Whiskers,'' 2/4/2005)
  • Hare Raising Night (''Tiny Toon Adventures,'' 10/1/1990)
  • Hare Replacement (''Garfield,'' 11/3/1990)
  • Loopy's Hare Do (''Loopy de Loop'')
But writers have replaced many other words with hare:
  • Ben Hare (''Beany and Cecil'')
  • From Hare to Eternity (''NYPD Blue,'' 12/14/1993)
  • Hare Mail (''Oswald the Rabbit'')
  • Hare We Go! (''WildFiles'')
  • Vanity Hare (''Adventures in Wonderland'')
Plus the standard variation of "here today, gone tomorrow":
  • Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (''Adventures in Wonderland'')
  • Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (''Beany and Cecil'')
  • Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (''Gomer Pyle, USMC,'' 4/4/1969)
  • Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (''Tiny Toon Adventures,'' 10/9/1990)
  • Hare Today… (''The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,'' 4/8/1996)

TV scribes didn't stop with hare though. They pulled another hair out of their hats.
  • From Hair to Eternity (''Head of the Class,'' 2/7/1990)
  • Hair Apparent (''Hill Street Blues,'' 5/3/1984)
  • Hair Jordan (''The Bernie Mac Show,'' 1/4/2004)
  • Hair to Stay (''ChalkZone,'' 5/31/2002)
  • Hair to the Throne (''King of Cars,'' 4/10/2007)
  • Love Is in the Hair ... Net (''Class of 3000,'' 2/9/2007)
  • My Hair Lady (''King of the Hill,'' 2/15/2004)
  • The Hair Witch Project (''The Worst Witch,'' 12/14/2000)
I won't bore you with all the eps that put a spin on "here today, gone tomorrow"; so here are a couple of the more interesting variations:
  • Hair Today, Gone Merlot (''The Bonnie Hunt Show,'' 3/24/1996)
  • Hair Today, Gone to Maui (''Byrds of Paradise,'' 6/16/1994)

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