Thursday, August 23, 2007

Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas

Warner Bros. filed applications on August 16, 2007 to protect the following word marks:
  • Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas
  • The Cooler Kings
I've found no other info about these shows and the descriptions in the applications are the same catch-all boilerplate on all its trademark apps. Plus, Warner Bros. did not respond to my requests for info.

Most of the WB trademark apps actually make it to the airwaves — usually 6-12 months after the filing date; so I'd imagine that WB is pretty confident in these shows. But I have no clue where they might air since WB shows are broadcast pretty much everywhere. NBC. ABC. CBS. Lifetime. Court TV. That doesn't help.

The only other piece of info? On that same day WB also protected Studio Image @ 28 for "creation, production and playback of visual displays in the nature of video, computer and high definition images for use in film, television and commercial productions."

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