Monday, June 25, 2007

Trump Tower: The Series?

Now that he has his foot in the door of the sound stage, could Donald Trump be resurrecting the idea of his primetime drama?

Think back to October 2004 when you laughed at this item:
PROPOSED: Move over, Melrose Place: Donald Trump is in talks with NBC for a primetime drama series that would be set inside Trump Tower, his brass-and-glass skyscraper on Manhattan's 5th Avenue where the developer, 58, currently ousts contestants on "The Apprentice." The Hollywood Reporter says writer-producer Gay Walch, who is responsible for the WB's "Summerland," is under consideration to script the project, tentatively titled "The Towers." Trump is expected to serve as an executive producer. (source: People Magazine)
Admit it. You thought "Trump taking on an EP role for TV series? Yeah, right."

Then last week we got this doozy about Trump's upcoming MTV series:
The new series, "Pageant Place," will feature former Miss USA Tara Conner (whom Trump forgave for her 'party girl' lifestyle that almost cost her the crown) sharing an apartment with several beauty pageant winners (Miss Universe Riyo Mori, Miss USA Rachel Smith and Miss Teen USA Katie Blair) as she teaches them how to behave like proper pageant winners. New beauty queens will replace the old ones as the series progresses through its eight-episode order. (source: TVSquad)
All of a sudden the idea of EP Trump wasn't so far-fetched, was it?

And maybe now Mr. Trump wants to take over the real estate of your small screen. He filed documents with the USPTO on June 18, 2007 to protect the phrase Trump Tower for a "scripted television series in the nature of drama." That's oddly specific for a trademark filing and sounds vaguely similar to his series concept from October 2004.

Just a note for domain squatters. If you think the series will ever see the light of day, maybe you'll want to purchase or Both domains are still available!

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