Friday, June 22, 2007


Can't get enough KEWL Magazine? Looks like KEWLopolis will be its Web2.0 companion site.

According to this DIC press release (March 30, 2007):
DIC Entertainment (DIC), Geffen Records and Poets Road have partnered to launch an all new brand for tweens, KEWL, with a celebrity music-driven branded magazine, a website and a television review series in development tentatively called “Everything KEWL.”

KEWL Magazine is a collaboration between DIC, Poet’s Road and Geffen Records. The first issue of KEWL magazine, with over 500,000 copies shipped, will be available nationwide in retail outlets including Claire’s, FYE, Sam Goody, Skechers, Suncoast, Toys ‘R Us and more.
So what's my source for KEWLopolis?

DIC Entertainment Corporation filed a trademark application on June 14, 2007 to protect the phrase KEWLopolis for a variety of purposes:
  • on-line chat rooms, forums, and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users concerning entertainment, information, and activities for children
  • a series of television programs in the field of entertainment for children
  • interactive games
  • on-line information in the field of entertainment for children
  • on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring entertainment and gaming topics for children
  • on-line entertainment for children in the nature of a website featuring video clips and other multimedia materials
  • production of motion picture films
Not enough evidence?

KEWLopolis is currently parked; so the site provides no clues. But take a look at the who-is registration information. Poets Road, Inc. is the registrant, and Mike Bundlie is the admin contact. You should recognize Poets Road from the press release. And Mike Bundlie? He just happens to be Executive Director of KEWL and Head of Interactive, DIC.

No word when KEWLopolis might launch.

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