Friday, May 18, 2007


Forget about MyNetworkTV. Telenovellas didn't work. IFL and raunchy specials aren't doing much better. MyNet needs to do something radically different. Unique. Totally off-the-wall. It really has to create some buzz.

Why not make shows that integrate with people's Wii at home?

OK. Hear me out.

ABC is unveiling ''National Bingo Night'' tonight, allowing viewers to play along at home. If you want to play, you have to go to Print a game card. Watch the show. If you get bingo before the in-studio audience, you win. To claim your prize, just go back to before 6PM EDT the following Monday.

Just a side note:
You can actually print as many bingo cards as you want without signing in. ABC doesn't care. You only have to register to claim a prize. I first imagined college students breaking this game until I read the rules. ABC limits the total number of prizes for each game — for instance, it will give away no more than 10,000 K-Mart Gift Card with a value of Five Dollars ($5) each. The net is limiting its total expenditures for prizes. Plus it's limiting each registered user to three wins per week to try to spread the wealth.
ABC considers this to be cutting-edge, interactive TV?

There's definitely a niche to fill.

What if WiiNetworkTV had Friday Night Golf? Viewers register their gaming units with the show and receive new hole layouts at various points in the show. Each viewer can play each hole only once, and viewers with scores higher than a selected member of the studio audience are eliminated from winning the main prize. Sort of like a sudden-death skins game.

The main prize? A trip to be in the small studio audience, and about ten home viewers will win the main prize. Why is this a main prize? Someone from the audience is chosen to play against the field (home viewers) on live TV. If nobody at home beats the selected in-studio contestant, that person wins $100,000.

If a home viewer is eliminated from the main prize contest, s/he can still compete for smaller prizes based on total score for the show. Maybe something like free online gaming minutes or free games.

The Golden Tee coin-operated arcade game is pretty popular at bars; so why not try to make it popular at home?

WiiNetworkTV. Play a different sport at home every night with the chance to win $100,000.

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