Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wave Chasers

It looks like Warren Miller's four-part series about tow-in surfing found a home. The Discovery Channel.

Never heard of "Wave Chasers"? According to an item on sonicbids,
"Wave Chasers" is a new four-part series currently being produced for a major cable network. In its first season, each episode follows professional, tow-in surf teams around the world as they seek out the biggest waves on the planet to ride. The show is scheduled to start in late 2007 and run through early 2008.

The show will mostly consist of reality scenes with surfers, high-action surfing montages, scenes about location and The Wave.
That snippet only says 'major cable network.'

Then why can I say it's going to air on the Discovery Channel? Last Friday (11 May), Discovery Communications filed a trademark application with the USPTO to protect the phrase, Wave Chasers; so that narrows it down to the stable of Discovery-owned channels. Since he's a big name — at least to me because of the 15 ski films I've enjoyed — Warren Miller's TV programs previously aired on Discovery and Travel Channels. "Wave Chasers" seems a bit too extreme for the Travel Channel and perfectly suited for the Discovery Channel.

Simple as that.


Anonymous said...

You apparently haven't been watching the Travel Channel lately-with shows like No Reservations and Bizarre Foods, it's not as tame as you think. This show is going to air on the Travel Channel.

dr. tv (mike vicic) said...

Sounds like you might have more info than me about where "Wave Chasers" is going to air.

I have been watching Travel Channel, and its travelogues do have some bite now. It's also good to hear that it'll likely keep pushing the boundaries even further by considering a show about extreme sports.