Thursday, November 29, 2007

Primetime for the Planet

Sundance Channel will continue its green programming.

Way back on April 17, 2007, Sundance unveiled a programming block called Green, which was comprised of three ecoprograms:
  • "Big Ideas for a Small Planet"
  • "Ecoists"
  • "Eco Biz"
Just last week Sundance filed a trademark app to protect Primetime for the Planet for "television programming services." I'm guessing that "Primetime for the Planet" will be a programming block, like Green, since the application did not specifically call it a series. (If you look at the apps for the three programs listed above, the goods and services descriptions include "on-going documentary television series." Quite specific. Sundance did not trademark Green.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, you still around? Are you just not updating the blog anymore? Not to be morbid, but if the answer's yes, it'd be nice to know that you're, well, still alive.

Poweranimals said...

*crickets* Yeah, me too.

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