Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Ep Title

Trick. Treat. Trick. Treat.

Treat, please!

I can't wait for tomorrow when Halloween candy goes on sale. It's my second favorite candy day of the year. The Monday after Easter is my favorite candy day.

Since it's Halloween, I thought I'd present ep titles that reference the words you'll hear all night on your front step — "Trick or Treat."
  • Trick and Treat (''Soul Man,'' 10/28/1997)
  • Trick or Cheat (''Dinosaucers'')
  • Trick or Retreat (''Roland and Rattfink'')
  • Trick or Retreat (''Murphy Brown,'' 2/26/1996)
  • Trick or Techrat (''Jem,'' 10/30/1987)
  • Trick or Treachery (''Spider-Man'')
  • Trick or Treason (''The Dupont Show of the Week,'' 12/17/1961)
  • Trick or Treat Me Right (''George Lopez,'' 10/26/2005)
  • Trick or Treatment (''Fearless Fly'')
  • Trick or Treatment (''M*A*S*H,'' 11/1/1982)
  • Trick or Trust (''Living Single,'' 10/27/1994)
  • Tricks and Treats (''Hokey Wolf'')
  • Tricks and Treats (''Freaks & Geeks,'' 10/30/1999)
  • Tricks and Treats (''Lincoln Heights,'' 3/19/2007)
  • Trip or Treat (''Downtown,'' 11/8/1999)

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